Keep Growing 2020: The Ten-Year Strategic Plan
Butterflies & Blooms

Vision and Goals

Visitor Experience and Business Development: Vision

The Chicago Botanic Garden will deliver a profound, accessible, and inspiring on-site experience to visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

This Garden experience will create a sense of pleasure, relevance, and belonging that will bring visitors back to the Garden or to its website time and again.
This will build the Garden’s effectiveness at generating loyalty, driving attendance, increasing earned and raised income, and motivating the public to protect nature.

Visitor Experience and Business Development: Goals

II.7   The Chicago Botanic Garden will provide a visitor experience that is welcoming, safe, clean, and accessible, and revolves around and responds to meeting and anticipating the needs of its customers.

II.8    All of the Garden’s staff, regardless of department, and front-line operating partners (at the Garden View Café and Garden Shop) will deliver consistent, seamless, and impeccable hospitality services to all visitors, donors, and vendors whether on-site, off-site, or via the phone or electronic media.

II.9    The Garden will be a four-season destination by creating year-round programs that give visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities the opportunity to experience and understand nature and the natural world, indoors and out.

II.10    A visit will inspire general audiences to create a relationship and affinity with the Garden, driving them to visit more often, become members, engage further, and support its mission to cultivate the power of plants to sustain and enrich life.

II.11    The Garden will make notable advancements toward making its visitor and overall operations a model for being as waste- and emissions-free as possible, and will serve as a leading educational resource by conducting programs that visitors can participate in, learn from, and model at home to live more environmentally conscious lives.

II.12    The Garden will create new programs and update existing programs, garden areas, amenities, and services (on-site, online, or at satellite locations) to increase earned and raised revenue, improve visitor experience, and expand opportunities for environmental education and overall Garden engagement.