Keep Growing 2020: The Ten-Year Strategic Plan
Staff planting

Vision and Goals

Staff and Volunteers: Vision

The Chicago Botanic Garden’s most valued and important asset is the people who manage and support it and serve its customers.

The Garden aspires to be a model for excellence and leadership in nurturing, managing, and growing this human resource.

The Garden will focus on recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest by emphasizing strategic and progressive personnel practices, thoughtful board stewardship, and a meaningful engagement of volunteers.

The Garden will build policies, procedures, and a strong sense of community to ensure the Garden meets its strategic goals.

Staff: Goals

B.1     The Chicago Botanic Garden will strive to ensure that the composition of the staff reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

B.2     The Garden will continue and strengthen the annual evaluation and promotion process.

B.3     The Garden will put an emphasis on mentoring internal candidates for leadership roles and building strong professional development plans.

B.4     The Garden’s compensation and employee benefits package will continue to be competitive and consistent with the market.

B.5     All Garden staff will demonstrate service values (supportive workplace interactions, exceptional customer service, and a professional work ethic) to donors, members, visitors, and co-workers.

B.6     The Garden will offer training to its staff to ensure high-end customer service based on a model of a high-end hotel or resort, exceptional leadership skills for supervisory staff, and the safety of our visitors and employees.

B.7     The Garden will better understand the needs of its Spanish-speaking staff, and those who can’t read or write.

Volunteers: Goals

B. 8     The Chicago Botanic Garden will strive to ensure that the composition of its volunteer corps reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

B. 9     The Garden will be known as a meaningful and rewarding place to volunteer, where the volunteer corps is respected and honored, and has a strong sense of community and support.