Keep Growing 2020: The Ten-Year Strategic Plan
English Walled Garden

Vision and Goals

Living Collections: Vision

The Chicago Botanic Garden's living collections will establish the standard for excellence in their selection, content, and care.

The collections will serve a large and varied constituency through their accessibility, their display, and the expertise of their staff. Procedures and policies to renew and build the collections over time will be established.

The Garden will be a leader in creating the best documentation system possible and in unlocking information on living collections for the public, both on-site and online.

Living Collections: Goals

IV.9    The Chicago Botanic Garden's living plant collections will be accessible and useful to its many publics, will achieve standards defined in the collection plans, and will continue to deepen through specialized collections that support germplasm conservation, research, and education. The Garden will conduct a vigorous program of national and international plant exploration to diversify the collections, collect plant types better adapted to our climate, and create collections of excellence.

IV.10    The Garden will lead the world in living-plant record keeping and public access, both physically and virtually. It also will be an essential resource for plant information and science for its many constituencies, including the public, educators, landscape architects, scientists, and local agencies and municipalities.