Keep Growing 2020: The Ten-Year Strategic Plan
Landscape Garden

Information Systems

Information Systems: Vision

The Chicago Botanic Garden’s Information Systems department will provide innovative, cost-effective, sustainable, and secure technology solutions to enable staff to effectively meet and exceed their annual goals, as well as the goals of the strategic plan.

Information Systems will provide high-quality infrastructure and support, including media and telephone services as well as technological leadership, to empower all Garden constituencies through the use of technology.

Information Systems: Goals

D.1.   The Chicago Botanic Garden will build an information system that supports the key business objectives of the Garden and the goals of all departments, and allows for the successful realization of the strategic plan.

D.2    The Garden will continuously evaluate and improve the performance and efficiency of its Information Systems operating infrastructure and will set specific targets for improving the quality and availability of its Information Systems operations.

D.3    The Garden will build on its new integrated systems network to promote new revenue-producing opportunities, streamline expenses, and improve customer service.

D.4    The Garden will employ technology to support its visitors and enhance their experience of the Garden. We can promote interest in and engagement with the Garden’s resources by improving public accessibility and use of the Garden’s databases (when appropriate) and key content.

D.5    The Garden will use insightful management of its scientific data systems to maximize the possibility for significant scientific discovery and impact.

D.6    The Garden will ensure that the necessary risk-management controls are in place for the protection and security of data generated and/or obtained in its operations, including controls related to the storage, retrieval, and privacy of data, as well as information from key outside partners (vendors, suppliers, etc.).

D.7    The Garden will evaluate and improve the quality and support of its telephone system.

D.8    The Garden will achieve the highest possible goals for environmental sustainability through its purchasing, management, and disposal of Information Systems equipment.

D.9    The Garden will have a system in place that can adapt to changing technology.