Keep Growing 2020: The Ten-Year Strategic Plan
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Vision and Goals

Boards: Vision

The three boards of the Chicago Botanic Garden (the Board of Directors, Woman’s Board of the Chicago Horticultural Society, and Guild of the Chicago Botanic Garden) will reflect a diverse group of individuals committed to achieving the long-term goals of the Chicago Horticultural Society and Chicago Botanic Garden.

Board directors and members of the Woman’s Board and Guild are responsible for the development and sustainability of the Garden and are charged with maintaining the legacy of the Society, founded in 1890 in Chicago.

Boards: Goals   

C.1    The Garden will continue to attract to its three boards strong individuals who view their engagement (time, skills, and philanthropy) with the Garden as a priority in their lives.

C.2    The Chicago Botanic Garden will continue to focus on board succession planning and recruitment, ensuring the long-standing vitality of the boards.

C.3    The Garden will build a sense of community and identity within each board and among all three boards.

C.4    Members of all Garden boards will support the Garden financially, to the best of each person’s ability, through donations to the Annual Fund, fundraising events, and campaigns.

C.5    The Garden will continue to ensure that all members of the boards serve without conflicts of interest and embrace their role as the primary ambassadors for the Garden.

C.6    The Garden will strive to ensure that the composition of the boards reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.