Keep Growing 2020: The Ten-Year Strategic Plan
spring blooms at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Annual Report


Robert F. Finke

Robert F. Finke
Chairman of the Board

Our extraordinary Garden has enjoyed a wonderful year in every respect.

Our gardens continue to be recognized as among the best in the world.

The graduate program in plant biology and conservation is unique to a public garden by virtue of our association with
Northwestern University.

The Regenstein Learning Campus, opened in 2016, provides a new home for learning for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Jean M. Franczyk

Jean M. Franczyk
President and CEO

More than seven years ago, we began the process of transforming a gravel parking lot and a few trailers into a center for learning and exploration, one that would ignite curiosity and excitement about the natural world. Today, that place—the Regenstein Learning Campus—is thriving with people of all ages and abilities. They find inspiration in the quiet study of botanical arts, joy in rolling down the hills, and balance in yoga vinyasas.